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Ferocity Fitness, health and wellness for all ages.


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Whether you want to be the pro-fighter prepared for serious competition, or just want to know how to defend yourself, at Ferocity Fitness our instructors have the expertise and skill to support you in achieving your goals. We teach our students to be well-rounded fighters that are skilled in both the grappling and striking forms of combat.



Our traditional Taekwondo program hones both the mental and physical abilities that students often find carry over into other areas of their everyday life. As you increase your physical abilities you will also develop the discipline, confidence, and focus that are the keystones for the success in anyone’s life.


Cardio and Fitness

If you are looking to have some fun while also getting into shape, then Ferocity’s personal training and nutrition program or cardio-focused MMA classes may be what you are looking for. Let our fitness experts teach you how to get that firm, toned, and healthy body you've always wanted while having some fun doing it.

I was out of shape and going nowhere in life until Ferocity Fitness changed everything for me. Martial arts gave me the skills I needed to turn my life around, and I am a better person for it. Thank you Ferocity!.

-- Aaron Miller, Student 

Who we Are

Our main objective is to provide our clients with the highest quality instruction and training in the field of mental and physical discipline. In today’s demanding society, the need for self-discipline and good health becomes imperative. As an art form, our programs are unprecedented for instilling both through the development of self-confidence, concentration, humility, respect, security and physical fitness.




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